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St. Vladimirs Cathedral Kyiv

The Orthodox Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv is the main temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. One of the outstanding shrines of the capital amazes with its beauty and grandeur. The variety of shapes and rich colors of the temple do not leave anyone who has visited here indifferent. The cathedral is rightly called a great masterpiece of religious art.
Construction of the cathedral began in 1862 and lasted about 40 years. At first it was built according to the design of architects Ivan Shtrom and Pavel Sparro, who was later replaced by Alexander Beretti. Architects Rudolf Bernhard, Vladimir Nikolaev and Karl Mayevsky also took part in the construction of the temple. The ceremonial consecration of the cathedral took place on August 20, 1896, and Emperor Nicholas II and his wife were present.
Today, the interior and exterior of the temple is inspiring and fascinating. The cathedral was built in the Russian neo-Byzantine style. The plan is a six-pillar, three-apse temple, but topped with seven domes. Made according to the model of ancient Russian churches from the era of princes Vladimir the Saint and Yaroslav the Wise. The width of the building is 30 meters, the height including the cross is 49 meters. On the facade of the building, a magnificent mosaic made by the artist Alexander Frolov has been preserved. The massive bronze doors of the main portal are decorated with cast reliefs depicting Prince Vladimir the Saint and Princess Olga.