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International flights to Kiev

Almost all international flights to Kiev arrive to Boryspil International Airport located 30 kilometers from the city center. The city's other main airport Zhulyany-Kiev, located 7 kilometers from the center, handles domestic flights. The most convenient way to get to downtown Kiev from Boryspil airport is by taxi. Taking into account the fact that taxi drivers do not usually speak English, you should have your destination written on paper in Russian or Ukrainian. There are also shuttle buses connecting Boryspil airport with Kiev downtown.

When entering or leaving Ukraine, you may proceed either through Green or Red custom line. Save all documents you receive and fill out going through customs - you will need these to leave the country.

Red line - for people carrying goods or cash that must be declared:

- any prohibited items
- explosives and weapons (except gas and hunting weapons officially approved by Ukrainian authorities), drugs, artwork and antiques, luggage sent separately.
- more than $1,000 and 85 hryvnias in cash
- personal jewelry which value exceeds $240
- more than 1 liter (0.265 gallons) of alcoholic beverages
- more than 200 grams (7.1 ounces) of tobacco products

Green line - for people who do not have any goods to declare.

In order to make sure that foreign citizens, who are temporarily staying in Ukraine, are provided the opportunity to receive foreign aid, the Cabinet of Ministers has issued a decree on the procedures. According to the decree, foreigners who are temporarily staying in the country should have insurance policies that guarantee payment for medical services provided to them. These insurance policies can be purchased from the Department of Visas and Registrations, Ukrinmedstrakh offices, and State JSC for Providing Foreign Citizens with Emergency Aid as well as during visa processing or crossing the state border.