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Pedestrian bridge in Kyiv

The pedestrian bridge has been pleasing us for almost 60 years; its construction was carried out from 1956 to 1957. This Kiev bridge connects the central part of the city with Trukhanov Island. It was erected according to the design of the Ukrproektstalkonstruktsiya Institute together with the Institute of Electric Welding named after. E. O. Paton Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Socialist Republic. At that time, the mentioned island was very popular among Kiev residents and many people vacationed on it, especially in the summer. Before the construction of the bridge, the island could only be reached by water transport. On excursions around Kyiv, accompanied by professional guides, we visit these exciting places. Come and learn more about your city.

A little about the technical characteristics of the pedestrian bridge in Kyiv. The length of the bridge is 429 meters, the main span is 180 meters, the width is 7 meters. The bridge has three central spans of 60+180+60 m, they rise above the Dnieper at an altitude of 26 meters. This span height allows for free passage of ships at the highest river levels. The roadbed made of reinforced concrete slabs is based on two I-beams welded - 2.4 meters high. The coastal part of the bridge is made in the form of beam reinforced concrete span structures. On the right bank of the Dnieper, these structures have a span of 17.9 m long. On the left section from Trukhanov Island there are three spans of 36 m each. All supports are made of reinforced concrete driven piles, the length of the piles is from 9 to 13 meters depending on the location, the section is 35x35 cm .

There were long disputes with hydraulic engineers about the possibility of building this bridge, as a result of which a bet was even made between them and the architect Alexei Zavarov. At the opening of the pedestrian bridge, the losing side solemnly presented the architect with a box of champagne.

You can get to the beach of Trukhanov Island from Khreshchatyk in just 15 minutes. An asphalt pedestrian road leads from Khreshchaty Park to the bridge, surrounded by green trees on the slope. You can also get to the bridge from the Pochtovaya Ploshchad metro station, passing the Magdeburg Law monument. By the way, now there is a beautiful restored embankment there, it looks great, especially in the evening.

Not so long ago, at the end of 2013, multi-colored LED lighting with 4,700 diodes was installed on the Pedestrian Bridge. LED backlighting is economical due to its technical characteristics and high efficiency. The backlight is software controlled via Wi-Fi. This illumination of the Pedestrian Bridge is so far the only dynamic illumination of the bridge in the capital.